Ouimet Canyon

Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park is located 11 kilometres off Highway 11/17 on Ouimet Canyon Road in Dorion, Ontario. It is a large gorge in Canada that is 100 metres deep, 150 metres wide and two kilometres in length. Geologists believe that Ouimet canyon was created 1,000,000 years ago when glaciers came through northern Canada . This created a large crack that wind, rain and ice have etched out into a beautiful canyon. Ouimet Provincial Park has walkways consisting of boardwalks and trails, which lead to viewing platforms overlooking the canyon. Visitors to the canyon should stay on the marked trails for their own safety. On the floors of Ouimet Canyon rare alpine flowers and arctic plants can be seen which are usually found 1000 kilometres north of Dorion. The canyon was named after former railway station, Ouimet Station, which was located nearby on the Canadian Pacific Railway Line. The station itself was named after the Canadian Minister of Public Works from 1892-1896, Joseph Aldric Ouimet.

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