Municipalities in Ontario provide a number of services for its residents. In order to pay for these services, municipalities must develop an annual budget to plan for yearly expenses and ensure that the needs of the residents are balanced with the available resources.

In Dorion, the Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for handling the financial affairs of the township. These duties include preparing the budget, collecting and managing all money received on behalf of the township (through taxes and other sources), paying expenses related to township activities including services, and maintaining records and accounts.

In order to develop a long-term plan, Dorion commissioned The Asset Management Plan for Dorion, 2016 which is used as a strategic financial document to help maintain this balance between services and resources.

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Where do your tax dollars go?

Financial Statements

2008 Financial Statement
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Municipal Performance Measurement Program

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Financial Information Return

2011 FIR

By-Law – Levy and Collection of Taxes

Property Taxes By-law

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Tax Rates

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Property Assessment

All property assessments are conducted by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).