Spare Custodian

Reporting Relationship

Reports to Head Custodian

Scope of Position/Summary of Duties

To perform cleaning, maintenance and operational tasks in the Community Centre, Centennial Building (less Fire Hall) and Office/Library as outlined in the list of duties prepared by the Township Council.



Responsible for:

  • General housekeeping in all areas including dusting, vacuuming, floor washing, waxing and polishing and window cleaning on an “as required” basis or as set out by directive.
  • Cleaning of washrooms, washroom fixtures and cells.
  • Steam-cleaning of rugs annually.
  • Disposing of garbage.


Responsible for:

  • Replacing burnt-out light bulbs.
  • Refilling paper towel and toilet paper dispensers.
  • Minor repairs including removal of loose floor tiles, re-setting screws on chairs and tables, etc.


Responsible for: (During Head Custodian’s prolonged absence)

  • Accepting and recording hall bookings.
  • Contacting Clerk-Treasurer when repairs are required.
  • Ensuring hall is opened and closed according to activity schedule.
  • Ensuring that the bar is operated in compliance with Provincial regulations.

Working Conditions

  • No scheduled hours, as required to substitute for the regular custodian.
  • Exposure to physical hazards resulting from use of cleaning materials and movement of heavy equipment up and down stairs; working on ladders and scaffolding to clean and change light bulbs.
  • Works alone.

Working Relationships

With Custodian

  • Receives direction, guidance and supervision.

With Other Township Staff

  • Receives assistance.
  • Usual courtesy and co-operation.

With The Public

  • Courtesy and co-operation.
  • Provides assistance and information.

Knowledge and Skill

  • Good knowledge and experience in cleaning and general maintenance practices and the proper use of cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Good physical condition.
  • Good record-keeping skills.
  • Good public relations skills when dealing with hall users.

Impact of Error

  • Failure to perform satisfactorily would result in untidy conditions and poor public image.


  • General direction from the Township Maintenance and Development Committee.
  • Approved list of duties.
  • Accepted custodial practices and procedures.