Energy Use

Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan


The Township of Dorion has developed and implemented an Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan in accordance with Ontario Regulation 397/11 under the Green Energy Act, 2009. The plan covers a span of 5 years and will be revised and updated as required on an annual basis by July 1st of each year.

Required elements of the 5 year plan are:

  • Information on the municipality's annual energy consumption during the last year for which complete information is available for the full year.
  • Goals and objectives of the municipality to conserve and reduce energy consumption.
  • Proposed measures and plan for cost savings (estimates), proposed measures and estimated length of time these measures will be in place.
  • Reporting on any renewable energy generation facility that is operated by the Municipality.
  • Confirmation that the public agency's senior management has approved the Conservation and Demand Management Plan.

The infrastructure owned and operated by the Township of Dorion that are targeted in this plan are the Municipal Office/Library, Garage, Museum and Fire Hall. The Township does not provide water or sewage treatment, does not provide street lighting on municipal roadways and does not own or operate renewable energy generation facilities.

Annual Energy Consumption

The Township of Dorion utilizes three types of energy in its facilities: electricity, fuel oil and propane.

Currently fuel oil is purchased through Pioneer Fuels Inc., in Thunder Bay.

Electricity is purchased through Hydro One.

Propane is purchased through Superior Propane in Thunder Bay.

Schedule "A" of this Plan is the Township's annual energy consumption starting with 2011 and 2012 for the 2014 reporting year. The schedule will be updated accordingly July 1st of each year.

Goals And Objectives

Goals: The goals of the Township are to maximize the efficient use of its fiscal resources and to minimize the negative environmental impact of our operations.

Overall Target: The overall target of the Township is to reduce the energy consumption per square foot of our municipal facilities by 10% in comparison with our 2012 figure.

Objectives: The objective of the Township is to:

  • improve the energy efficiency of our facilities by utilizing best practices to reduce our energy consumption and at the same time to lessen the financial impact of increasing energy costs,
  • promote energy conservation within the organization by improving municipal staff knowledge in energy consumption and energy conservation,
  • and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that result from our energy use.

Measures And Cost Savings

Behavioural Measures for all Municipally Owned Facilities: Council and municipal staff members are aware of the increasing costs associated with the operation of a municipality. Budget deliberations bring to light the increasing need to conserve energy and save on energy costs as these same costs increase every year. Revenues generated through property taxation to meet the financial needs of the municipality must take into consideration the financial burden on the ratepayers. With this in mind the Council and staff members are aware that measures must be taken to reduce costs and are encouraged to share suggestions or ideas that will promote energy conservation.

Municipal Office

Technical Measures: The Municipal Office operates an average of 32 hours per week. The municipal office building is a portion of the former Dorion School building with renovations made in 1993 to house the Municipal Office and Library.

The building is currently heated with propane. There has not been an analysis done on which heating system is the most feasible.

Organizational Measures: It is the position of Council that the most affordable and practical options be used during the construction process and for any new construction or updates in the future. To conserve energy all interior lighting is turned off when the building is not in use. There are seven outdoor lights on the front and sides of the building which automatically turn on at night since the building is often used in the evenings for meetings and by library patrons.

Community Centre

Technical Measures: The Community Centre is located in the Dorion Public School. The Township has a reciprocal agreement with the Superior Greenstone District School Board for the use of the gymnasium as a community centre. The Board of Education is responsible for any costs for the operations, however invoices the Municipality for energy costs which are in excess of the normal cost for operating the school alone. These costs are reviewed annually and the method of reimbursement determined at the time of review.

Public Works Garage

Technical Measures: The garage operates regularly 40 hours per week, and more when the weather conditions dictate.

Fire Hall

Technical Measures: The fire hall operates an average of 3 hours per week. In 2011 the fire hall was retrofitted with energy efficient lighting.


Technical Measures: The Museum operates three hours per week from June 14 to September 15.

The building is heated by electricity. Heating is kept at a minimum.

Power Saving Blitz

A Power Savings Blitz through Hydro One was conducted in 2010 by Kamteck Electrical Installations on the Public Works Garage, Fire Hall and Municipal Office Building.

Future Considerations

Items that should be considered in the future include the following:

  • Installation of programmable thermostats.
  • Exterior door weather stripping or door changes.
  • Install additional R-value insulation where deemed necessary.
  • Install occupancy controls on lighting were feasible.
  • Insulation in attic and seal all openings and penetrations to stop interior air from entering the attic.
  • Sealing all openings and penetrations to stop interior air from entering the attic, sealing gaps around ceiling light fixtures, plumbing stacks, wiring, chimneys and the tops of interior walls, caulk and seal around any window framing and inspect and repair weather stripping around any door system.
  • Installation of a ventilation system to keep air pressures balanced so that there is not potential for back-drafting.
  • Replacement of upstairs lighting fixtures with more energy efficient lighting.
  • Outdoor light bulb replacement and sensor controls to avoid excess usage.
  • Installation of overall occupancy sensors to ensure that the interior lighting is only utilized when required and human error does not go undetected for extended periods of time.
  • Keep electric heating units off when not required and separation maintained
  • Keep thermostat continually set at low temperatures.
  • When a new heating system installation is required it is recommended that a hi-efficiency unit with a DC variable speed blower motor be considered.

It is the Township's plan to improve the energy efficiency of the building through energy programs when they become available.

An energy audit has not been completed however; the following steps should be taken to help reduce energy costs.

The temperature is maintained at a constant level to ensure that emergency response equipment is ready for use immediately. It is the Township's plan to improve the energy efficiency of the building through energy programs that become available.


Declaration of Commitment

The Township of Dorion will use existing resources and leverage outside agencies where appropriate to reduce our energy consumption and its related environmental impact.


The Township is continually looking to reduce our total energy consumption and associated carbon footprint while providing an efficient and effective level of service for our residents.

Organizational Measures: There is no new construction in the foreseeable future, however it is the position of Council that if any new construction or improvements are to be made that the highest and most affordable and practical options be researched and implemented. In order to conserve energy all lighting is turned off when the facility is not in use.

It is the Township's plan to improve the energy efficiency of the building through energy programs when they become available.


On July 8, 2014 the Council of the Township of Dorion passed resolution # 14-145 adopting the Energy Consumption and Demand Management Plan. The resolution confirms Council's approval of the Plan and affirms their commitment to implement the plan.